The Nelo Summer challenge is the second Title race of the world Surfski series. This year’s Nelo summer challenge took place on Saturday the 9th of July in Esposende and Viana Do Castelo. Esposende is a strip of the Portuguese coastline, situated between Vigo and Porto. The downwind conditions on the day could be described as perfect and with some of the strongest paddlers in the world lining up, there wouldn’t be much time to put your paddle down!

Some of the podium contenders In the men’s race included last year’s winner Sean Rice and his brother Kenny Rice, Dawid Mocke, Jasper Mocke, World Champion Corry Hill, Mark Anderson, Mackenzie Hynard, Sam Norton,  Yannick Laousse, and Oscar Chalupsky who is no stranger to the Porto Downwind course. In the Ladies Race, the battle would be between Mouden Angie of France, Michele Eray South African living in America, Local Porto Athlete Sara Rafael and Chloe Bunnet of Spain.13607001_1073656096021702_7007394175693810646_n

The Start of the race was a sprint to be the first into the runs. The men’s race quickly split into two, Cory Hill, Dawid Mocke, jasper Mocke, Mark Anderson, Mackenzie Hynard, Oscar Chalupsky and Leroux Benoit  Led the outside line. On the Inside Sean Rice, Kenny Rice, Sam Norton and Kyle Friedenstein. It was some Impressive racing with athletes trading places throughout but it was Cory Hill who crossed the line in first place winning his first Nelo Summer Challenge and his first world surfski series title race of the year! Cory was closely followed by Dawid Mocke and Mark Anderson. “The Conditions were unreal there was the wind and swell so much fun!” “The Competition was so strong I am really happy to get away with the win”. With Hank McGregor winning the first title race in Mauritius and Cory winning the second in Porto, Hank and cory are currently tied in the rankings. The 3rd Title race Pete Marlin will take place in East London, South Africa on the 12th of November.


The Ladies Race ended with a run up the beach with Mouden Angie running past Michele Eray right at the finish line. Local paddler Sara Rafael took the final spot on the podium with Chloe Bunette chasing from behind.13697261_10150705331634949_6385153233261529577_n

Race Organiser Andre Santos and Nuno Santos put on an incredibly well organised event and succeeded in placing the Nelo Summer Challenge race amongst the best in the world.