Race #3 – The All Wave Cup


‘The Rice Domination Continues’

The Allwave Cup takes place in a little town called Talamone, situated in Tuscany on the west coast of central Italy. Talamone is home to some great downwind conditions and with good wind predicted it looked like the Allwave Cup was lining up to be first real downwind of the World Surfski Series!

“I was stoked the organisers used the full window period and waited for the last hour of the race for the best wind, it was definitely the right call” race winner Think Kayak’s Kenny Rice, from South Africa, commented.

“The Race was tough really fast at the start with a big TV helicopter flying really low that made it difficult to give it stick as you might get blown over! I broke away after 1km and paddled like mad to stay ahead!”
Spain’s Daniel Sanchez, paddling a Vadja, finished in 2nd and Germany’s evergreen Michael Dobler placed 3rd in his Fenn Elite S.
In the womens, it was Carola Cordes of Germany who would take top honors.