The 4th Dutch Coast Race was held in the weekend of 1 & 2 October 2016. Location: Sport@sea in Castricum aan Zee. The downwind would run in the opposite direction to last year to make the best use of the southerly wind that was predicted. Things had calmed down a little from earlier in the afternoon but the organisers promised us all would be set for a great down winder in the morning.

At the sound of the horn 96 paddlers from 16 nations blasted through the somewhat thankfully smaller break to the 1st buoy 600mts from shore before heading north for 19km of downwind fun (allegedly).
As promised by the organisers the wind did indeed pick up to create some “meaty” conditions in the latter half of the race. Paddling against a spring tide and a tail wind provided challenging but great downwind conditions.

The top guys showed the rest of us how to do it with Sean Rice taking the win & the €600 prize money in a little over 1:19 mins.
The top 3 overall as below:
1. Sean Rice (South Africa)
2. Jasper Mocke (South Africa)
3. David Slazchta (France)
1. Angie Mouden (France)
2. Chloe Bunnett (Spain)
3. Sara Rafael(Portugal)

Once competitors had finished, changed & had their ski’s loaded onto the numerous trailers they were shuttled back to the start at Castricum on a luxury coach to collect their gear & head onwards to their respective accommodation to prepare for the post-race meal/party.
Next year’s race is set for the weekend of the 30th September- 1stOctober, race entry will be open as early as next January, but be warned this race will sell out fast so don’t hang around & get yourselves booked in for a fantastic weekend of everything surfski & other stuff too!

We had a fantastic event with great downwind conditions for everybody!