Cory Hill Is Back On Top

Cory Hill charging through the surf line to win the Nelo Summer Challenge!

Cory started the year off with a victory in New Zealand’s King and Queen of the Harbor and has since shown no signs of slowing down. Cory placed 2nd in the Mauritius Ocean Classic and won the Nelo Summer Challenge in Portugal . Cory now leads the ranking with a near perfect score!

Cory Talks About WSS

How does it feel to be currently leading the World Rankings?
“It is a scary thought to be leading the World Series currently. Last season was my best by far and my goal this season was to mimic those results and keep enjoying the paddling. So far I have been really happy with both aspects. Although I had a bit of a mistake at Molokai I was able to walk away loving what I do and have a little laugh. I have had a second in Mauritius and wins in Portugal and New Zealand. I know with the likes of Dawid, Hank, Sean and Boothy hot on my heals, I will need to keep on that podium to keep this lead. Bring on Hong Kong and Perth!”

What is your focus or your main goals for the rest year?
“Like I said above my goal is to keep enjoying what I do regardless of results, however, I am going into Hong Kong with 3 fourths from four starts. I really want to podium at that race. It was my first international race and I have enjoyed each trip to the Dragon Run. I’d be complacent with a third there and leave the win for next year haha. Likewise, with The Doctor, I am going into the race as the defending champion with a little bit of expectation. I know all the Aussies like it when an Aussie wins over there, so I will have to be on my game and keep that Aus vs SA rivalry strong!”

What will it mean for you to win the World Series 2 years in a row?

I like thinking of the World Series as a minor premiership in Footy. Some days an underdog may beat the team at the top of the table. This doesn’t mean they are the best team of the season. But they do gain that title. Consistency is the key and with the amount of good paddlers racing at each title race I truly believe the Series winner is the paddler of the season. That being said, if I were to win the World Series two years in a row, I would be ecstatic. But I am sure there are plenty of paddlers looking to ensure that doesn’t happen. It will be an exciting summer!

The Current Top 10 Men Standings.
  1. Cory Hill  (2498)
  2. Jasper Mocke (2486)
  3. Mark Anderson (2476)
  4. Oscar Chalupsky (2474)
  5. Dawid Mocke (2474)
  6. Kyle Friedenstein (1968)
  7. Colin Simpkins (1840)
  8. Hank McGregor (1500)
  9. Michael Booth (1495)
  10. Sean Rice (1494)

Michele Eray Leads An Extremely Close Women’s Series

Michele finishing strong to take the 3rd spot at the Gorge Downwind Champs!

The Women’s WSS title is closely contested by Michele Eray, Haley Nixon, and Chloe Bunnet. 2013 World Surfski Champ Michele Eray is currently on top however, only 3 points separate these three. Both Michele Eray and Haley Nixon will be looking to grab the top spot on the third Title Race Pete Marlin in South Africa!


The Current Top 10 Women Standings.

  1. Michele Eray (1496)
  2. Haley Nixon  (1495)
  3. Chloe Bunnet (1493)
  4. Amaia Osaba Olaberri (1486)
  5. Wendy Reyntjies (1000)
  6. Mouden Angie (1000)
  7. Michele Burn (998)
  8. Sara Rafael (996)
  9. Nikki Mocke  (994)
  10. Jenna Ward (992)